fall in love in Shuangtan- Shuangtan Village

We welcome you to come to Shuangtan. To love.

《Shuangtan. To love. Mountain Town Marketplace》

The sweet scent of apricot blossoms abounds along the roads in the mountain town.

Shuangtan fields boast beautiful scenery.

Shuangtan Village is celebrating two happy events. First, three Happiness Walkways were completed for which ribbons have been cut quietly, without fanfare. Second, small farmers at Shuangtan Village cheer for a bumper season for strawberries, eggs, and agricultural products. We invite you to come to Shuangtan to witness the abundant energies on the farms.


Come with us to saunter on the Apricot Luck Walkway in Cuntian Kiln, walk through the Yuedong Gate, see the vanishing double ponds at the Shuangtan Village, make strawberry egg rolls, sample sweet and tart strawberries, and spend a good time with us in the fields of Shuangtan.



Free goodies1: Upload a photo of kissing, check in with a tag of Cuntian Kiln

(Get handmade Love Soap while a supply of 50 lasts)

Free goodies2: Experience the fresh strawberry egg rolls.

(Qi Eggs+JustLoveStrawberry)

(A nominal charge of $100 to cover materials. Free for the first 15 guests.)

Free goodies3: Free guided tour of the three Lucky Walkways

(Shuangtan Agri-tourism Zone)

Time: 108.01.27 (Sunday) 10:00 – 15:00

Location: Cuntian Kiln Ceramics Leisure Vacations Resort (Miaoli Sanyi Township Shuangtan Village)


Host: Cuntian Kiln Cultural Business Co. Ltd.

Supervising agency: Small and Medium Enterprise Administration, MOEA

Assisting agency: Shuangtan Agri-tourism Zone Promotion and Management Committee

JustLoveStrawberry-strawberry, Cogongrass Country Charcoal Shop-Essential Oil

Shanbanqiao-Qi Eggs, Shuangtan small farmers

Taichung Succulent Gardening Club and marketplace

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