Miaoli Sanyi Tung blossoms destinations made easy


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Sanyi Tung blossoms drifting down like snowflakes. The white ground is beautiful to behold. What are the best spots to see tung blossoms?

The tung blossoms season will soon be upon us. Sanyi Tung blossoms drifting down like snowflakes. The white ground is beautiful to behold. What are the best spots to see tung blossoms?

When tung blossoms are in full bloom, the entire Sanyi township has been an observation station. Now let’s share with you some locales that are particularly suitable for blossoms watching.

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Jiuhuashan Daxingshan Temple

Location: 367 Miaoli County Sanyi Township Xihu Village Shanghu 7 lin, number 25-8

In front of Jiuhuashan Daxingshan Temple there are spots to watch tung blossoms, and you may walk along the road toward Longteng Bridge to continue watching tung blossoms.

Daxingshan Temple, presently located in Xihu Village, Sanyi Township (prior to October 2005, Miaoli County, Tongluo Township, Jiuhu Village 16 lin), was founded by Buddhist nun Fu Hui. Fu Hui had a legendary life. Ever since she became a nun, she had observed such dhutaṅga austerities or ascetic practices as not lying down to sleep and not talking ever again. She wrote to communicate with her disciples. Fu Hui practiced Great Passion and her great passion water was well known far and wide. If one truly sincerely prays, the water could cure all his or her ills. Daxingshan Temple sits in the midst of serenity and green plants. The temple worships Guanyin Bodhisattva. The temple, though simple, has attracted a great following throughout Taiwan. On holidays, as worshipers come to the temple to worship from all over the place, their vehicles often form long lines and tie traffic up. The Buddha tea at Jiuhuashan is widely known. On birthdays of buddhas or bodhisattvas, to welcome worshipers, Jiuhuashan Temple offers wellness tangyuan, wellness noodles, and wellness vegetarian meals to worshipers to share the joy.

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Longteng Broken Bridge <地圖點選…>

Longteng Bridge  (in front of Qingsongzizai 青松自在)

Location: 367 Miaoli County Sanyi Township, Miaoli County Sanyi Township Longteng Village Waizhuang number 20-1

At Longteng Bridge , Qingsongzizha, or the Railroad Posthouse, you need only to raise your head to see tung blossoms.

This is also a must-see location in Sanyi. Longteng Bridge, also called Yutengping Bridge, was built during Japanese occupation. It is one of the few surviving glutinous rice bridges in Taiwan. Tung blossoms are in full bloom now, so choose a nice day and go over there to see.

When it’s meal time, go to the beautiful Qingsongzizha Restaurant in the forest. The green lawn and the European-style building overlooking the Former Mountain Line. It is suitable for the whole family to relax in. Enjoy the warmth, comfort, and beauty of this unpolluted land.

Or go to the Railroad Posthouse, whose red brick building and green lawn resemble the old rail station. The Railroad Posthouse Cafe, with the warmth of the exterior, offers you a place where you may enjoy your meal while watching your children run around on the lawn. The rails of the Former Mountain Line are just outside the building. Snapping some photos at close range–zero distance–for the Internet, this is a place to relax.

Location: 367, No. 20-1 Waiwai, Longteng Village, Sanyi Township, Miaoli County, Miaoli County

Longhua Broken Bridge, Qingsong Freedom, and Railway Station can be seen at three locations.

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It is also a must-visit spot in Sanyi. The Longteng Broken Bridge, also known as the Yutengping Broken Bridge, is a building of the Japanese occupation era, and it is also one of the few remaining glutinous rice bridges in Taiwan.

It is also when the tung flower is in full bloom, so hurry up and admire it when the weather is fine.

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Dining time, you can go to the beautiful forest-based restaurant Qingsong Zong, the green verdant lawns and the European style buildings overlook the old railway line of the railway. It is suitable for enjoying the beautiful pure land of relaxation, warmth and comfort with the family.



Or come to the railway station, a red brick house with a green grass-like distressed station, and a warm railway station cafe with an appearance. You can dine and watch the children running on the grass. The old mountain line railway is just outside the door. A place to relax your mind.<詳全文..>


Wandering Times

Location: 367 Miaoli County Sanyi Township, number 9-5.

Tung blossoms are vigorously blooming outside the Wandering Times. Go there to have a cup of coffee and chat with a friend about what’s on your mind.

Saunter a bit in the back on the little path where tung blossoms are also blooming vigorously.

The beautiful, foreign-like scene hides in the midst of countryside cabins. The whitish coffee shop amid green lawn seemingly takes guests into a fairy tale.


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Take a walk in the back path and the tung flowers are in full bloom.
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The beautiful exotic scene is hidden in the country house in the mountain forest. The white fantasy coffee house in the forest is matched with the green grass field, as if it is a fairytale story scene.<詳全文..>


Sunhouse B&B

Address:  367 Miaoli County Sanyi Township Longteng Village number 9-5

Telephone:  03 787 4028

Furthermore, the Sunhouse B&B, next to the rail tracks, is foreign-styled with forest-like surroundings. Its feeling of warmth makes it quite suitable as a vacation destination. Wandering Times is just next door, so you may drink coffee or have afternoon tea there.

The rail tracks beside the parking lot are good spots for taking photos and watching bikes passing by.

The B&B offers rooms for two or four people. Each room has its own character, which together with the natural surroundings really loosens people up. Night scenery at Sunhouse is just beautiful. In summer, fireflies abound near the natural eco pond behind the B&B, offering spectacular views.



The railway next to the parking lot is very good for taking pictures, and you can also see the railway bike passing by.

There are two-person rooms, four-person rooms, etc. in the cozy B&B . Each B&B has its own unique style of space, which is very relaxing with the natural environment. The night view of Xiangyang Pastoral B&B is very beautiful, and the natural ecological pond behind the arrival of summer also has fireflies flying around the sky ~ quite spectacular.


Futen-house Villa

Address:  367 Miaoli County Sanyi Township Longteng Village 1 lin Longteng number 26

Telephone:  0933 515 485

If you wish to see tung blossoms and spend a night, we recommend Futen-house Villa. Every plant on the grounds of the B&B was planted by the proprietors, who are husband and wife. Every year during the tung blossoms season, the natural woody area turns into a sea of white flowers. The beauty is breathtaking.

Isn’t it great to sit there, watch tung blossoms, and shoot the breeze?

Inside the B&B looking out the window, you can see tung blossoms.


Isn’t it great to sit and enjoy tea and chat?

You can see Tonghua in B&B when you look out of the window.


Ancient Pathway for Firewood Transportation

Address:  367 Miaoli County Sanyi Township Shengxin Village

The Ancient Pathway for Firewood Transportation is located diagonally across from the Former Shengxing railway station. The Ancient Pathway for Firewood Transportation is 1.5 kilometers in length, Acacia confusa, bamboo, and tung trees dot the whole way. From April to May of each year, white tung blossoms come to full bloom. Their white petals scatter all over the walkway. Walking on the walkway takes one back to the old days and adds a touch of romance. The length of this stretch of the road is the most appropriate for walking, leisure, and family entertainment.

After walking the Ancient Pathway for Firewood Transportation, going to the Former Shengxing railway station for some delicious food is not a bad choice, either.


After picking up the Chai Gudao fitness walk, go to Shengxing Station for a good meal.

Siyuexue (Snow in April) Tung Blossom Trail

Location: 367 Miaoli County Sanyi Township number 88

It is located behind Sanyi Wood Sculpture Museum. Its entrance is on a shadowy and windy mountain walkway. Fallen tung blossoms are white like snow, giving off a mystic mystique. At the top of the walkway is Ciji Mountain where tea plants spread over a large area and the view opens up to this tea plantation as big as several soccer fields. Look up to an endless blue sky. The left side is a long slope of Acacia confusa forest and green grass. The fresh, grassy-scented air can really make one feel comfortable.

The April Snow tung blossoms: In a breeze, you may see tung blossoms falling like snow. It’s quite special.


Tonghua in April snow, when the breeze blows, you will see the feeling of Tonghua falling snow, which is quite special.

Tiaotan Ancient Road / Santongling Ancient Road

Location: 367 Miaoli County Sanyi Township Shuanghu Village Dakeng

Tiaotan Ancient Road is now known as Santongling Ancient Pathway, situated in Shuanghu Village Dakeng. It was an important passage that connected Tongxiao and Sanyi Townships in the old days. It runs from the Fuxing mountain area in Tongxiao to Santongling to Sanyi  Dakeng to Shikeng, and finally to Sanyi railroad station for a total of about 5 kilometers. Along the path are very well preserved Camphor, Phoebe zhennan, Acacia confusa, Tung trees, and many indigenous tree spices, forming a beautiful forest. The ancient pathway, winding along the mountains, is like a charming green tunnel hiding in the dense forest.



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You can see Tonghua at the entrance of the trail.

Tung Blossoms Corridor

Location: 367 Miaoli County Sanyi Township Shuanghu Village Dakeng

This is a famous tung blossoms walkway in Miaoli County Sanyi Township. Lift your head and you will see trees that blanket the whole mountain. It looks very realistically as if green leaves are covered by a thick layer of snow. The young and the young at heart can’t help and can’t stop picking up blossoms from the ground, having great fun. It is indeed a rather romantic and beautiful walkway.

Tung blossoms cover the ground solid, really like snow. People can really be absorbed into the scenery.

Walking on this gentle road, you don’t need to worry about the sun. It’s a comfortable road.


The corridor is 2034 meters long, and the road surface is flat and undulating, so it is easy to walk.

The ground full of Tonghua is really like snow, and the scenery is intoxicating.

May Snow Walkway

Location: 367 Miaoli County Sanyi Township Shuanghu Village Dakeng

May Snow Walkway is located not far from the Tung blossoms Corridor. If you follow Miaoli Route 48, you will see it before you get to Tanxiangbaba. The walkway is a gentle walk up the hill that leads you to tung blossoms.

Through “The Recommended Scenic Spots in Miaoli”, we point out the places in Miaoli with unaffected simplicity or unique natural scenery, whether they be close to the mountains or the ocean, places that are worth your while to see.