Spend well in 2019, walk happily, walk through the forest

2019 The flowers are beautiful, the moon is full. Walk for Health, sauntering in the Milk forest. It’s been a resounding success.

Supported by the Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan, 2019 fiscal year Miaoli County Agri-tourism Zone cross-area hosting and counseling project, Shuangtan Agri-tourism Zone hosted the “2019 The flowers are beautiful, the moon is full” series of activities, which started in September.

The Walk for Health at Miaoli Route 130 Milk forrest started at the Shuangtan Visitor Service Center and followed Miaoli Route 130 through Guandao Mountain to Yundong Villa for a total of 10 kilometers. Close to 300 people took part, finishing the walk in two to three hours.



圖像裡可能有7 個人、微笑的人、大家站著和戶外

Sampling dishes prepared with locally grown ingredients, people took part in the agricultural DIY and spent a meaningful Teacher’s Day vacation. Participants loved it so much that they said that they would come again next year. On the heels of this event would be a mini-trip to experience local Shokuiku in October and a banquet in the field on November 2, and those are something to look forward to.

圖像裡可能有1 人、在舞台上圖像裡可能有14 個人、微笑的人、大家站著和室內

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