The weather is getting cold,「#DidYouEatHotPot?!」 「Red Fermented Bean Curd」- Yue Tai-Leitea

The weather is getting cold,「#DidYouEatHotPot?!」

We are eating hot pot tonight! So much food for the three of us!


#TalkAboutBeingHungry #DaddyThinksYouAreHungry  made with love, remember to finish your hot pot, #RedFermentedBeanCurd take it out and use it as a dip sauce for your hot pot!

Actually, our fermented curd #SellsSuperFast! If you can’t buy it right away, you just have to bear with us, we’ll try to speed up our production!


And then, guess what?! Soon, it’s going to be Chinese New Year ~ If you want to buy a gift to celebrate New Year, remember to order our fermented bean curd in advance!圖像裡可能有食物

Hurry up and send us a message or call us at 037-873303/0931654827 The best companion for your hot pot!


akka-style red fermented bean curd!Delicious #NaturallyDriedBeanCurd #Hand-made&LimitedProductio #GrabYourChance

Excerpt from Yue Tai-Leitea