Carpenter’s private classroom, creating his own art -Zhamu Workshop

A personal sweet promise is made available.  You may create your artwork freely and take a piece of your journey memory by painting, cutting and shaping your work.


A petite artist was born from memories.

They focus on their works and each is second to none.

圖像裡可能有1 人、坐下

They are in various shapes and colors.

圖像裡可能有1 人、小孩和特寫

Please reserve the event if needed.

Hotline: 0921-635360

Address: No. 21-2, Neighborhood 3 of Xinzhuang, Sanyi Township, Miaoli County 367

圖像裡可能有1 人、正在吃東西、坐下、飲料、表格、食物和室內


圖像裡可能有1 人、正在吃東西和飲料





圖像裡可能有1 人

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